Nope meets Mats Troeng

Mats Troeng was an unusual name on the start list this weekend, so we caught up with the Swedish International and Ultimate O-Geek (he wrote WinSplits!) to find out more:

Nopesport: Well, I guess we should start with the first question most people had was, why are you here? Its hardly a classy competition!

Mats: Yeah, I guess! But I came over with my clubmate from OK Linnea, Rob Hart. With the cheap flights to Stansted its really easy to get here and of course its nice to be away from the snow! I tried to go orienteering in Switzerland last week, but there was snow there also.

NS: Have you enjoyed the races this weekend?

MT: Oh yeah, really good racing! Its always interesting to experience new terrains, and this is completely new to me! Of course in Sweden just now there are no races, so this is really good preparation for when the season starts.

NS: Will you be running the Park World Tour?

MT: No, my focus this year is for the World Championships, and particularly the classic distance, so PWT is not really relevant. WOC this year is on my home terrain and for the first time in a while I am free from injury so I think I can do very well.

NS: Well best of luck, and well done for today.

MT: Thanks and good luck!

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