BAOC :: Aldershot MTB + Long'O


The British Army

Do you want to welcome the new year with some excellent orienteering? Then why not go to the Aldershort Circumnavigation MTB'O and Long'O on 2nd January (allowing you a whole days recovery from that New Year's party).

BAOC have managed to secure the use of all the wonderful orienteering areas around Aldershot and will be holding the inaugural circumnavigation MTB'O and Long'O event on the Bank Holliday Monday.

As you may have guessed from the title, to event will circumnavigate Aldershot starting from the back of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst using the following maps: Lower Star Posts, Bagshot Heaths, Mytchett, Ash Ranges, Long Valley, Fleet Pond and Hawley. Brilliant!

There will be 2 MTB'O courses, a full and half option. The full will be about 30km. There will also be similar length foot orienteering courses.

For more information please view the EVENT FLYER

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