Cambridge Sprint-O and Alc-O


Cambridge Sprint-O and Alc-O 2005

Inviting all students to the infamous Cambridge Sprint-O! This year’s event
will be taking place on 19th November at Bromehill in Thetford Forest.

The format will be a series of spectator-friendly, head-to-head sprint
races. Initial rounds will be suitable for all abilities, before the event
builds up to a thrilling climax, where the top 4 men and women will battle
it out and only the fastest runners and sharpest navigators will prevail!

After the Sprint-O comes the event with the most prestige – the elite AlcO!
A ‘unique’ challenge involving both quick thinking and quick drinking will
test student skills to the limit! For those wishing to still be able to
stand up by the end of the event, there will be a more sedate Alc-O and a
drivers’ option available.

In the evening, there will be a meal and social in Cambridge. We hope to be
able to provide accommodation (student floor space) for anyone who needs
it, although places may be limited.

For more details and updated information, visit the CUOC website:

Thanks ever so much,
Anya Crocker

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