Major summer events summary

As summer fast approaches its about that time when you have start booking flights, time off, count the pennies and decide which events to try your hand at this year. With so many to choose from here is a summary of the major event options this summer:

The O Ringen
Skillingaryds lger, 40 km south of Jnkping. Sweden.
Dates: 17th-22nd July
Next entry deadline: 23rd May
Details: This is the biggest event (in terms of participants) of the orienteering calender and the flagship of the sport. Its the most comprehensively organised event with camping, food and shops plus much more provided at the event village. Along with this the Swedish army close the roads while you are transported to & from 5 days of orienteering on some fantastic Swedish terrain. There is something for every one at this event with every conceivable competitor class to enter. With costs at 1135 SEK for 21+ & 950 SEK for camping its not cheap but well worth the money to see orienteering at its very best!
How to get there: flights to Gothenburg.
More details can be found here

The Fin 5
South Satakunta, Finland
Dates: 10th-15th July
Next entry deadline: 20th June
Details: Finlands version of the O Ringen, the Fin5 has grown over the last few years and proving very popular with over 5,000 competitiors last year. This year expect to have all the big names of finnish orienteering there as 3 of the days are being used as WOC qualification. There are various types of accommodation available at Eura Educational Center event centre incl, mattress on the floor at 10/day (incl. Breakfast), camping 40/week & caravan spaces too. All classes catered for (60/week) and bus transport is available at a cost. All this represents a good opportunity for a week in Finland.
How to get there: Flights to Helsinki or Tampere.
more details here

WOC 2005 Spectator races
Aichi Pref, Japan
Dates: 7th-14th August
Next entry deadline: 15th June
Details: If you are keen to go out and support your respective team at WOC this year it means a small trip almost half way round the world! This represents a rare opportunity to visit a country not usually seen on the orienteering calender. The spectator races, as in previous years, allow you to watch the best in the world & see the medals be handed out, then experience the terrain for yourself. All transport between events are provided and accommodation ranges from Campsite- 3000JYP incl. Pre-installed tent per night, Hotel 7,500JYP per night incl. Break & Dinner entry. WOC this year promises to be quite a spectacle, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity
How to get there: Special prices with japan airlines have been arranged. International Airports Nagoya(Komaki),Tokyo(Narita) and Oosaka(Kansai) all viable.
more details here

JWOC 2005 Spectator races
Tenero, Switzerland
Dates: 10th-17th July
Details: Set in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland the spectator races get to taste some lovely swiss runnable forests with much contour detail. The set-up is similar to all other spectator races in that you get to run and are transported to the JWOC races too (70CHF for transport). This year there is a unique chance to pit yourself against Simone Niggli-Luder as she has confirmed her entry for the races. Typical accommodation available at an event centre well-known from the 6-days Swiss/Italy 2001, Centro Sportivo Nazionale della Giovent (National Youth Sport Center) Tenero includes; space in a 20person tent, camping pitch (100CHF/week) or if your going with a club 20person tents are available for free.
How to get there: Flights to Zurich.
more Details here

The Scottish 6 Day
Crathes Castle near Banchory, West of Aberdeen, Scotland
Dates: 31st-6th August
Next entry deadline: 30th June
Details: If you are wanting top stay a bit closer to home, the Scottish 6 day provides the best option. It always provides a great atmosphere along with orienteering in some of the best terrain the UK can offer. This year the event campsite is providing entertainment almost every evening in the marque, Added to which Ocean Colour Scene & Status Quo holding concerts on the opening weekend near to the campsite! Quiet & noisey campsites available as well caravan pitches. Limited transport to & from the races also available.
Entries are 12per day, Campsite is 64 for a large pitch 38 for a small.
How to get there: Flights to Glasgow, Edinburgh & Aberdeen all available.
more details here

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