Nopesport has been made aware in the last few days of a new website, www.jamiestevenson.com.
Created and run by our very own World Champion, this new site so far features news on what Jamie has been up to lately, as well as a photo gallery and training diary. Stories so far include reports on his trip to South Africa with the GB squad and his debut TV appearance as the mystery sportsman on BBC's They Think It's All Over. The photos from Jamie's TV appearance are particularly excellent, with a fine picture of Jamie and David Seaman with his arm round his sister Jo. The training diary section features Jamie's training for the last 8 weeks, and will be of interest for budding superstars of all ages who want to compare there training to that of a world champion. Plans for the future seem to be race reports, a Swedish version and ongoing news and training updates.
This site is definitely of interest to anyone with a passing interest in O, even in its early stages.
Thanks to Jamie for adding us to his links section. Rumours abound of his posession of a [nope] hat aquired last December, but no actual sightings have been made as yet.

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