ESOC Pentlands Long-O


Pentland Hills © Dave Henniker

On Sunday 13th March ESOC will be hosting a Long-O event in the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh. Anyone not familiar with the area can expect plenty of open grassy and heathery hillside with a wide variety of contour detail, not to mention magnificent views over Edinburgh and beyond.

Using a 1:25,000 Harveys map the following courses will be on offer:
Short Course approx 10km
Medium Course approx 15km
Long Course approx 20km (Anticipated Winning Time 3.5 hours)
Courses may be shortened due to bad or inclement weather.

Prizes: Shall be presented to the first 3 male and females on each course.

Registrations: 8:30am-10:30am. Please make plans to arrive early.

Starts: 9:30am-11am (Courses will close at 3:00pm), Allow 30 minutes to walk to the start.

Map: For those that do not bring one, they will be on sale at the event at a discounted price (Approx Cost 6). A master map system shall be used.

Fees: 5.00/3.00 (Electronic punching will not be used). Please enter using the BOF Standard Entry Form and indicate map requirement to allow organiser to Pre-order sufficient quantities. Limited EOD will be accepted. Cheques to be made payable to ESOC. Closing date for entries 21/02/05. Entry form found on BOF website here.

Entries: Entries to Reid Cunningham, 35 Relugas Road, Edinburgh, EH9 2NF.
Tel 0131 667 9917, e-mail Start times shall pre allocated. Please provide a SAE for confirmation of final details and start times.

Age Restrictions: Entries cannot be accepted from those younger than 16 on the 1st March 2005.

Planner: Ron Nolan (ESOC)
Controller: Eddie Harvey (ESOC)
Organiser: Ron Nolan tel 0131 4531497,

For those wanting to make a weekend of it there is an Interlopers local event at Corstorphine Hill on the Saturday.
Location: Clermiston Road North, Edinburgh.
Start times: 2 - 3pm
Entry fees: 2/1
Courses for all levels of experience will be available.
Enquiries: Paul Caban 0131 445 3098.


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