happy birthday to us

this is the first in a veritable torrent of editorial articles planned for the future.

as i write this, nopesport is about to have its first birthday. well happy birthday nopesport. and may you have many more. the pyrat and i began the concept of this site about september 2003, during an msn conversation. i think this is quite telling of the nature of the beast. embrace technology, make the most of it, and give british orienteering something that we believed they wanted. to be honest, we always thought it would be popular, but never really imagined how popular. you have taken this site and made it your own. you believe in it, and for some reason you believe (to some extent) in us. i feel quite proud to approach our first birthday looking forward, not looking back at a shortlived fad. things are expanding, people are interested, thins are happening. we are trying to push things forward. whether we have or can remains to be seen. and now that i feel embarassed about singing our own praises, i will leave you now with a big thankyou. you know what its for, you dont need me to tell you. thankyou thankyou thankyou. keep doing that thing you do. lets make 2005 a great year for british orienteering.

big love and word to yo' momma

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