The Junior World Championships kick off this week in the Gdansk, Poland. British hopes are, as ever, high. A strong young girls team is complemented by a guys team steeped with experience.

Follow the teams progress with nopesport and on the Official Website.

Team GBR:
Mark "mharky" Nixon, CLYDE, Stora Tuna IK
Graham "GG" Gristwood, OD, Warwick, IL Tyrving
David "David" Hodkinson, NOC, Pan-Kristianstad
Scott "Scotia" Fraser, EUOC, INT, Savedalens
Mark "The Mighty Boosch" "marky bitch" Saunders, EUOC, LOC
Dan "Dan" Halliday, OD, Savedalens

Mhairi "m" Mackenzie, EUOC, WCOC, Ravinen, NYT
Alison "Q" O'Neil, EUOC, NOC
Liz "liz" Bridge, SO
Lizzie Adams SOC
Cerys Manning SWOC
Helen Gardner WAOC

Best of luck from everyone at nopesport.

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