SOL3 & Middle Dist. 3 Results

Well done to Paddy Walder and Claire Ward who each took top spot at both the Scottish Middle Distance Race 3 and Scottish O League Race 3.

Also congratulations to all the following class winners who all won prizes donated by Scottish O Tours & the Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre.

JM1 - Jack Gomersall GRAMP
JW1 - Frances Wright MAROC
JM2 - Mark Haley INT
JW2 - Rosalind Shepherd INVOC
JM3 - Tal Ramsay ELO
JW3 - Lisa Petrie CLYDE
JM4 - Patrick Low MAROC
JW4 - Hazel Wright MAROC
JM5M - Andrew Rogan MOR
JM5L - Duncan Coombs MAROC
JW5S - Hollie Orr CLYDE
JW5L - Fiona Berrow ECKO

M21S - Victor Tron EUOC
W21S - Janine Hensman INT
M21L - Patrick Walder CLYDE
W21L - Claire Ward INT
M35S - Ben Stansfield JOK
W35S - Cathy Tilbrook FVO
M35L - Steve Nicholson FVO
W35L - Rona Molloy FVO
M40S - Pete Lawrence GRAMP
W40S - Lesley Gomersall GRAMP
M40L - Dave Robertson CLYDE
W40L - Jane Ackland INT
M45S - Allan Downie TAY
W45S - Anne Hoy GRAMP
M45L - Martin Dean FVO
W45L - Hilary Quick MAROC
M50S - Ernie Cromie LINOC
W50S - Trina Rogerson ELO
M50L - Eddie Harwood MOR
W50L - Lynne Walker ECKO
M55S - Barry Owen
W55S - Brigid Flanagan CUNOC
M55L - Eddie Harvey ESOC
W55L - Anne Stevenson ESOC
M60S - Ian Pyrah ESOC
M60L - Ray Walder INVOC
W60L - Norma Coutts ESOC
M65S - David Combe TAY
W65S - Mary Greig ECKO
M65L - Dick Amour INVOC
M70S - Drew Sommerville CLYDE
M70L - Bill Gauld ESOC
W70L - Lilian Davidson INVOC
M75s - Lewis Strachan KFO
W75S - Hilda Astbury FVO
M75L - Ken Davidson INVOC

Scottish Middle Distance Race 3 Results

Scottish Orienteering League Race 3 Results

Scottish Orienteering League Standings

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