SOL 3 Prizes

Prizes are for the winner of each class:

All junior classes: A family day ticket to Auchengarrich Wildlife Centre.

M21L - £30 Donated by Scottish O Tours
W21L - £30 Donated by Scottish O Tours
The first junior on W21L and M21L will receive £20 from Scottish O Tours as well.
M35L – Bottle of Wine
W35L – Sunglasses from the Royal Bank of Scotland
M40L – Bottle of Wine
W40L – Smartwool Hiking Socks
M45L – Gelert Walkstool
W45L – Red Johnston’s Cashmere Scarf
M50L – Gelert Walkstool
W50L – Leveret Sparkling Wine
M55L – Tiso Voucher
W55L – Grey Johnston’s Cashmere Scarf
M60L – Gelert Walkstool
W60L – Tiso Voucher
M65L – Smartwool Hiking Socks

All winners of Short classes, Men’s Long classes above 65 and Women’s Long classes above 60 will receive a book – “Explore Britain – 30 Scenic Drives”.

All the prizes (other than the SOT and Auchengarrich prizes) were allocated at random, by pulling classes out of a hat.

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