Northern Champs

This year’s Northern Championships were a bit of a dour affair for many classes. An exceedingly low turnout (less than 300) attended the event, held in one of EBOR’s nicest North Yorkshire forests, Cawthorne. The area has some exceedingly fast sections of woodland, although there is still some of the good ol’ Yorkshire grit everyone loves to hate!
Conditions were not great - (nope)ing freezing for the duration, plus a small snowstorm for the later starters – although the majority of the area was wooded so after a few minutes this was unnoticeable. Both the M21L and W21L, with 9 starters on the men’s, and just 2 on the women’s! In the W21L Helen Ashton, PFO completed the 7.2km in 89 mins to take the Northern champion title from Fiona Forrest, HALO, by 8 mins. In the M21L Ian Nixon won the 10.4km course in 70 mins, with Julian Simpson, OD 2nd in 79 mins, and Liam Corner, MDOC taking 3rd place (and 2nd in the Northern Champs) in 88 mins.

This year’s Northern Champions are:

M10 Zachary Field HALO
M12 Jonathan Malley NATO
M14 Sam Brown AIRE
M16 Hector Haines AIRE
M18 Joe Mercer AIRE
M20 Rory Matheson NATO
M21 Ian Nixon LUOC
M35 Jonathan Smith AIRE
M40 Charlie Adams SYO
M45 Steve Corrigan EBOR
M50 Peter Haines AIRE
M55 Julian Lailey SROC
M60 Ivor Noot EPOC
M65 Andrew Suddaby BL
M70 Jack Soper AIRE
M75 Roy Malley NATO

W10 Florence Haines AIRE
W12 Alana Wright CLOK
W14 Alice Leake EBOR
W16 No finishers
W18 Elspeth Ingleby DEE
W20 Rose Burden AIRE
W21 Helen Ashton PFO
W35 Sarah Hague CLOK
W40 Sarah Haines AIRE
W45 Christine Andrews EBOR
W50 Liz Campbell WAROC
W55 Lindsey Hensman CLARO
W60 Judith Goodair EPOC
W65 Elizabeth Hale CLOK
W70 Eileen Bedwell CLOK

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