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Scott fraser fcc final 03

As well as the overall result for the weekend, the Future Champions Cup Final also constitutes as the last two rounds of the Future Champions Cup Series, where runners scores from the final are added to their best four scores in the qualifying rounds. The difference with the final is that 18’s and 20’s are scored together.
In M20, Graham Gristwood kept up his impressive season by taking 115 points from the final, giving him a series total of 355. Mark Nixon’s equally impressive final, including a win in the short race, allowed him to leapfrog Dan Halliday into 2nd place.
In M18, Scott Fraser and Oleg Chepelin went into the final 1 point apart, so there was still ample opportunity for either to take it. After the short race, where the pair were separated by 1 and a half minutes, Fraser was 2 points in front. However, Scott’s impressive 2nd place in the classic race gave him the M18 series title, whilst Chepelin was a convincing 22 points clear of 3rd placed Chris Mitchell.
In W20, Mhairi Mackenzie could not quite make up the deficit from having only done 3 qualifying races despite winning both races convincingly. It was therefore Alison O’Neil, who had gone into the final as leading W20, who got the W20 series title, with Mackenzie amassing enough points to get joint 2nd place with Liz Bridge (I don’t know if there is a method for splitting people on joint points, so we’ll just call them both 2nd place!)
In W18 pre-race favourite Cerys Manning went into the final on maximum points, and despite keeping her lead in the series, was beaten by a W18 for the first time this year. And Lizzie Adams was that person, who had a fantastic run in the classic race to get 2nd place, and kept her 2nd in the series, a comfortable 26 points from 3rd placed Helen Gardner.

Top 15 in series

1. Graham Gristwood 355
2. Mark Nixon 328
3. Daniel Halliday 309
4. David Hodkinson 298
5. Mark Saunders 295
6. Colin Olivant 284
7. Chris Sellens 276
8. Jordan Larne 236
9. Matt Dickinson 223
10. Peter Gardner 206
11. Rob Little 203 (only finished short race in final)
12. Ross Sanderson 150 (only finished short race in final)
13. David West 141 (didn’t run in final)
14. Nick James 108 (didn’t run in final)
15. Tim Beale 90 (didn’t run in final)

1. Scott Fraser 330
2. Oleg Chepelin 315
3. Chris Mitchell 293
4. Andy Llewellyn 283
5. Andrew Brunton 278
6. Will Spain 264
7. Ben Stevens 257
=8. James Tullie 253
=8. Kyle Heron 253
10. James Bennett 242
11. Duncan Coombs 229 (only finished short race in final)
12. Iain Embrey 228
13. Dan Tett 225
14. David Bolton 224
15. Rhys Findlay-Robinson 208 (only finished short race in final)

1. Alison O’Neil 317
=2. Liz Bridge 291
=2. Mhairi Mackenzie291
4. Suzy Robertson281
5. Sarah Price 272
6. Becky Kingdon 234
7. Fiona Berrow 224
8. Heather Houghton 194
9. Rose Burden 185 (did not run in final)
10. Sarah-Jane Gaffney 181
11. Nicola Robertson 167 (did not run in final)
12. Sarah Browne 130 (did not run in final)
13. Sadie Burrow 130 (did not run in final)
14. Noemi Cerny 115 (did not run in final)
15. Niamh O’Boyle 110 (did not run in final)

1. Cerys Manning 343
2. Lizzie Adams 317
3. Helen Gardner 291
4. Lucy Jepson 287
5. Ruth Holmes 285
6. Kirsten Strain 281
7. Rosemary Hodkinson 272
8. Tessa Hill 256
9. Rosie Brocklebank 249
10. Hazel Tant 243
=11. Vicky Campbell 234
=11. Sarah O’Neil 234
13. Becca Roberts 225 (only ran in short race in final)
14. Sian Roberts 211
15. Jessica Halliday 206 (only ran in short race in final)

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