o today gets a makeover


The orienteering-magazine Orienteering Today has been through a rearrangement. The makeover has been successful, and the new norwegian owner and publisher SPORT of TODAY is very pleased with the new look.

More maps and pictures is one of the biggest differences from the earlier versions. Also articles about exotic orienteering travels and trainingscamps from all over the world will take a bigger part in the magazine from now on. But it will still contain plenty of material about elite orienteering, together with articles about history and technical aspects of the sport.

The magazine has a brand new operating subscriber system, which is working from this day on. This system is to be found easily on the website www.orienteeringoday.com.

We hope you like the new version of the magazine as much as we do!

Kind regards,

Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen
Marketing Director

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