woc-live :: sprint qual*

Another qualification race was completed this morning. A truely excellent course was planed. The warm-up area was based in impressive football stadium before you were sent out into navigate around a tricky sports complex then it was on to the bulk of the course which was around an amusement park! This was really techincal but very enjoyable with loads of twists and turns. a long leg linked this part of the course to a few controls close to the finish in an open parkland. All in all a quality race.

As has been reported all the brits have qualified as well as Irelands Andrew Quinn. Andrew put in a protest on his return after he realised how close the margin was to him qualifying. A car obstructed his path in the amusement park area of the course and the officials were trying to move it on but it impeaded his run. He felt that it slowed him enough to warrant a portest. He didn't expect but was pleasantly surprised to be added to the final.

Nopesport also got a quick word from David Brickhill-Jones during his warm-down who said that he was taking it easy but he almost took it too easy! He got away with it though and qualified fine.

In the last few minutes there has also been news of a protest from Troy de Haas about controls being closer together than 30metres which the IOF rules states is the closest they should be. If this protest is successful all people who have misspunched will be looked at. Nopesport will endevour to find out more and report back later!

*Quick update on the Troy de Haas protest. Troy has indeed been re-instated as has everybody else who misspunched. This means that he will also be in the final this afternoon. I expect some heated discussion after this decision!

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