Who will stop Halden???


Well IFK Gteborg certainly intend to. This weekend they are having a training camp in next years 10Mila terrain.
IFK Gteborg were second in the 10Mila last year, with GBR international Jamie Stevenson on last leg bringing them up from 6th. Last yeer the leading teams went round so fast that the last leg runners started with headtorches!
IFK Gteborg have 3 Swedish national team memebers, Fredrik Lwegren, Thomas Asp and Hkan Peterson, plus Jamie Stevenson of GBR. Will this be enough to overcome the might of Halden? The line up includes WOC stars of this year:
Marian Davidik SVK, 6th WOC middle
Jon Duncan GBR, 3rd WOC relay
ystein Kristiansen NOR, 3rd WOC middle
Tore Sandvik NOE, 11th WOC sprint
Jarkko Huovila FIN, 2nd WOC relay
Mats Haldin FIN, 2nd WOC relay
Emil Wingsted, 1st WOC relay & 3rd WOC classic
Petter Thoresen, 3 WOC individual golds

Now that is a good team, the Real Madrid of orienteering.

What other teams will be looking for glory?
OK Orion, SWE
Malungs OK, SWR
Sdertlje-Nykvarn, SWE
IFK Liding, SWE
Bkkelaget SK, NOR
Kristiansand OK, NOR
Tampereen Pyrint, FIN
Turun Metsnkvijt, FIN

The TioMila is part of the Nordic Relay League. The other main races include the Jukola (2003website - 2004website) and the 25manna

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