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While the the O Ringen goes on in Sweden 3,500 people have made their way to Zermatt to orienteer under the impressive shadow of the Matterhorn. Swiss efficienxy prevails with this very well organised week of Orienteering with everything included allowing competitors just enter, turn up and enjoy the week. At the end of the week there was just one British winner - Judith Powell on D65 - but many other good performances from other British runners. Here is a run-down of the top British results (courtesy of King Penguin)

HE (118)
Nick Barrable 22nd
Iain Embrey 62nd

H20 (35)
Ben Stevens 10th
Dave Scorah 13th

HA Short (190)
Alex Rothman 7th

H10 (61)
Barney Broatch 10th

H14 (84)
Robin Tett 10th
Robert Kelly 22nd

H16 (70)
Peter Hodkinson 5th
George Stevens 19th

H18 (54)
Rhodri Buffett 2nd

H40 (146)
Clive Hallett 3rd

H45 (179)
Tim Tett 2nd
Andy Hyslop 13th
Mark Saunders 14th
John Embrey 67th

H50 (159)
Vince Joyce 5th
Jonathon Lagoe 10th

H60 (128)
David May 11th
Brian Shaw 19th
David Palmer 24th

H70 (34)
John Spence 16th
Guy Goodair 17th
Alan Heron 24th

Ferierien Long (79)
Rob Patterson 16th
Sarah-Jane Gaffney 22nd

Ferierien Marathon (16)
Karen Jones 10th

Wanderen Short (34)
Emma Jones 4th
Adrienne Barrable 14th

D20 (26)
Rose Hodkinson 4th
Ekaterina Orekhara 14th

D18 (39)
Anne Edwards 20th

DA Long (99)
Fiona Forrest 23rd

Kath Broatch 2nd

D45 (80)
Jackie Hallett 9th

D50 (103)
Inara Gipsle 13th
Diane Leakey 20th
Sue Stevens 23rd

D55 (90)
Miriam Rosen 26th

D60 (43)
Monika Cooper 6th
Irene Crawshaw 17th
Charlotte Duncan 23rd

D65 (35)
Judith Powell 1st
Frances Heron 14th
Judith Goodair 15th
Gill Hardy 16th
Sue Birkinshaw 21st

D70 (11)
Audrey Geere 11th

Find a full set of results here

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