EOC + O-Ringen = Tough!

Next year the super elites could find themselvs with a very tough schedule. The European Championshipss (also first round of World Cup) in Rosklide, Denmark is followed by the O-Ringen.

10 July: EOC Long Qualifiers
11 July: EOC Middle Qualifiers
12 July: Rest
13 July: Middle Final
14 July: Sprint Qualifiers & Final
15 July: Rest
16 July: Long Final
17 July: Relay
18 July: O-Ringen Sprint
19 July: O-Ringen Classic
20 July: O-Ringen 2/3rds Classic
21 July: Rest
22 July: O-Ringen Short
23 July: O-Ringen Classic

Will anybody be tough enough to take it on?

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