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Back the British team at WOC!!

The GB squad has been preparing very actively for this year's World Champs. in Denmark, with training camps and test races in just the same kind of terrain as WOC itself. Jamie Stevenson has even moved to live there! When it comes to the beginning of August the chosen men and women will be thoroughly familiar with western Danish forests and raring to go.

What they would really like is loads of support! I'm hoping to see and hear lots of British fans in the arenas, and I can promise that you'll have a really good time. With big-screen presentation (10 cameras in use on finals days!) and live tracking of competitors, there'll be never a moment with nothing to do, watch or listen to.

What's more, there's a fantastic 6-day event to go with it! Or you can enter for just the last 4 days and still be in the final results. Have a look at www.woc2006.dk/tour for all the info.

You can jet over by Ryanair from Stansted to Aarhus (the event centre) for next to nothing (flights twice daily), camp on the WOC Tour campsite on the outskirts of Aarhus, and use the transport service we're providing to all the WOC and WOC Tour races and other activities. It's not an expensive trip if you do it this way, and food is no more expensive than in GB.

WOC starts on 29th July and finishes on 5th August. A perfect orienteering summer holiday! See you there!

Clive Allen

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