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It's been a tough day on the Long Distance Final in Estonia today where Simone Luder and Jani Lakinen were crowned European Champions, a title that infact means more than World Champion as nations can enter 6 athletes per event.

In the women's race Simone Niggli was in a class of her own, she stated in an interview that is was not a high-speed race but she still dominated, winning by 5:37. There was also some controversy, the course had the "butterfly" loops to try and split up the runners, and it transpired that some of the women were given the wrong description sheet for their forking. It is unknown at this stage if protests have been made.

1. 72:04 Simone Niggli SUI
2. 77:41 Heli Jukkola FIN
3. 80:54 Minna Kauppi FIN
4. 81:48 Karolina A. Höjsgaard SWE
5. 81:55 Vroni König-Salmi SUI
6. 82:51 Dana Brozkova CZE

23. 91:36 Sarah Rollins GBR

The men's race was slightly closer than the women's, with an exciting climax with the last 3 finishers fighting for the bronze medal. However it was Jani Lakanen who showed his stuff, winning by a clear 2 minutes over the young Daniel Hubman, with his first Long Distance medal. The Estonian Olle Kärner took the bronze medal.

1. 95:22 Jani Lakanen FIN
2. 97:22 Daniel Hubman SUI
3. 99:14 Olle Kärner EST
4. 99:32 Valentin Novikov RUS
5. 99:37 Mats Haldin FIN
6. 100:51 Holger Hott Johansen NOW

21. 106:12 Jamie Stevenson GBR
22. 106:14 Oli Johnson GBR
34. 110:59 Graham Girstwood GBR
39. 114:37 Matt Crane GBR
DSQ. Jon Duncan GBR

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