event :: tiomila 2006

This years TioMila was being broadcast live through the night by a Swedish cable company, and with so many concessions to the format being made it was hoped a it would be worth the effort. The first three teams were separated by just 14 seconds with 5km to go, which gave a great spectacle for the TV-cameras, as Mats Haldin, Vesa Taanila and Petr Losman battle for glory, while a pack containing three World Champions led by Thierry Gueorgiou hunted them down.

With 5 controls to go Vesa (IFK Goteborg) had opened up a 20s lead over Mats (Halden) and Petr (Sodertalje-Nykvarn). But in the end Mats charged through to beat Vesa with a fierce sprint finish, while Petr was left for dead, unable to repeat the finish which controversially won SNO the title last year.

There were strong runs across the board for the British men. Jon Duncans Kristiansand were the highest team with a Brit in, while Dan Marston helped a recently strengthened Baekkelaget to 10th place, while Jamie Stevenson anchored Farum-Tisvilde to 15th place.

1. Halden SK, 10:09:02
2. IFk Goteborg, 10:09:08
3. Sodertalje-Nykvarn O, 10:09:23
4. Pan Kristianstad
5. Kalevan Rasti
6. Vehkaladen Veikot
7. Leksands OK
8. Vaajakosken Tera
9. Kristiansand OK
10. Baekkelaget SPK

First Leg:
Duncan Coombs - Tyr - 91st
Jason Inman - Nykoping (2) - 283rd

Third Leg:
Dickie Jones - Halden (3) - 114th

Fourth Leg:
Nick Barrable - Ravinen - 13th
Alastair Brunton - Ravinen (3) - 239th

Fifth Leg:
Stefan Andersson - Friskus Varberg - 24th

Sixth Leg:
Jon Sjoholm - Brahe - 217th

Seventh Leg:
Dan Marston - Baekkelaget - 14th

Eighth Leg:
Scott Fraser - Halden (2) - 37th
Jon Duncan - Kristiansand - 11th
Kyle Heron - Tyr (2) - 192nd

Ninth Leg:
Ewan McCarthy - Halden (2) - 29th
Matt Crane - Vasteras - 22nd
Rob Hart - Linne - 68th

Tenth Leg:
Jamie Stevenson - Farum Tisvilde - 20th
Oli Johnson - Vasteras - 30th
Graham Gristwood - Tyrving - 35th
Neil Marston - Nydalen (2) - 198th

AWOL - Stephen Palmer, Gordon Riemersma, Donald McCarthy, Chris Sellens - on start list but didn't run the leg they were entered on.

Full Results Here

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