event :: womens tiomila

TioMila 2006 kicked off this afternoon with an exciting womens race. The 5-leg relay was won by Marianne Anderson for Nydalen SK of Oslo, who managed to hold onto her lead over Simone Niggli of Ulricehamn.

Anderson was given a 2:30 lead onto the last leg by her teammates, particularly Elisabeth Ingvaldsen on fourth leg. Simone chased the Norwegian hard but could only close the gap to 45 seconds at the end. A tough battle ensued for the bronze medal which was won by Emma Engstrand of Stora Tuna.

Heather Monro had a bit of a nightmare - setting out in the lead on 4th leg she lost 12minutes and ruined Haldens chances of a surprise victory. The top British performance was Helen Palmer who ran the 12th best leg time on 3rd leg, helping her Ravinen team to a 21st place overall.

British Results:
1st Leg:
Jo Stevenson, Sodertalje, 23rd

2nd Leg:
Helen Winskill, Vasteras, 95th
Eleanor West, Jarfalla 2, 308th

3rd Leg:
Helen Palmer, Ravinen, 12th

4th Leg:
Sarah Rollins, Bækkelaget, 67th
Becky Carlyle, Jarfalla, 70th
Heather Monro, Halden, 104th

5th Leg:
Helen Bridle, Goteborg-Majorna, 30th
Jenny Whitehead, Vasteras, 41st
Rachel Elder, Lidingo (2), 51st
Janine Hensman, Nykoping, 107th

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