wc :: world cup 2007 revealed

The World Cup is dead... long live the World Cup!

The World Cup Finals in France this October will make the end of an era for the IOF World Cup. As of next year the World Cup will be relaunched in a new format, taking in major existing races rather than special rounds.

As such events like O-ringen and Jukola will feature races where runners can gain World Cup points.

The full World Cup Programme:

14 june Jukola, Finland (sprint).
22 june O-Festival, Norway (middle- micro).
23 july O-Ringen, Sweden (long).
24 july O-Ringen, Sweden (long).
25 july O-Ringen, Sweden (sprint).
22 aug WOC, Ukraine (middle).
25 aug WOC, Ukraina (long).
26 aug WOC, Ukraine (sprint).
6 oct SwissCup, Swizterland (middle).
7 oct SwissCup, Switzerland (sprint).


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