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News Bullettin 4 has been released by the organisers of the Danish Spring Cup. See earlier bullettins at springcup.dk

Remember who won last year? Which club has won Women's Open in 2002?
Check out the Winners page with elite winners of the the past 5 years here.

Country details
You may have noticed that links to pages with statistics and details for the countries we have had at Spring Cup have emerged on the home page.

Every other day three new countries will be presented.

Check them out at springcup.dk

You can also see the countries represented among the clubs already entered into our online entry here.

Daily picture
The homepage also features a new picture from Spring Cup 2005 every day. Perhaps you will show up?

If you have a good digital image you want to be in our gallery, mail it to webmaster.springcup@springcup.dk
Include the image file with as many details about it as possible:
- who is on it
- from which country, club
- which class/event
- name of the photographer

Remember to enter before the deadline on 21 February at springcup.dk

At present we have entries from more than 50 clubs in 15 different countries.
Is the next one yours?

See you at Spring Cup 2006

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