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The orienteering season has just about come to an end for 2005 and that means the transfer market is open! Norway's Bækkelagets SPK (Club of internationally retired legends Bjørnar Valstad and Hanne Staff, plus our very own Dan Marston) have embraced this period, embarking on a signing frenzy:

GBR international Sarah Rollins and Norwegian junior superstar Betty Ann Bjerkreim Nilsen will be joining Hanne Staff and Anne Margrethe Hausken at Baekkelagets, along with a host of others. Bækkelagets' men's team is also being boosted by the joining of Anders Nordberg, the dominator of the Nordics this year, and Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen (both from Kristiansand OK). Their women's team will certainly be on the podium in the big Nordic race next year, but the men's team is still lacking the strength in depth of clubs like Halden and Kalevan Rasti.

World Champs Relay bronze medallist Jon Duncan leaves Halden SK to join his new local club Kristiansand OK, he will be joining the likes of Jörgen Rostrup and Holger Hott Johansen who won the WOC relay this year.
Öystein Kristiansen, the third member of Norway's Golden relay team has left Halden SK for MS Parma from Finland, the home of Petteri Muukkonen who is perhaps not as famous as the other top Finns but is certainly just as good.
Despite these losses Halden has got a new talent for the future, Britain's rising star Scott Fraser, who is taking some time out from his degree to live and train in Halden.
The Mighty Stora Tuna IK's women's section, who are currently Swedish champions, has been strengthened by Swedish International Anna Mårsell (4th WOC middle) and Britain's Mhairi Mackenzie. Along with Emma Engstrand they will be looking to improve on their 3rd place at the Jukola from this year. Staffan Eriksson (4th on the Long Night at the 10mila this year) has moved from Malungs OK to Tuna, boosting their strong men's team.
Chris Terkelsen, silver at WOC middle, has left Farum-Tisvilde for the reborn Finnish super-club Vaajakosken Terä, joining the likes of Jani & Jonne Lakinen and Pasi Ikonen. 4th at the Jukola this year, but only a lame 27th at the Tio Mila; Terkelsen with definitely bring their results up.
OK Tisaren, home of Matt Speake and Claire Ward (and Ray!) has lost perhaps it's 2 best runners. Home grown Emil Lauri has moved to IFK Lidingö SOK, who were 1st and 2nd at the Swedish Champs relay this year. Mattias Merz, JWOC legend who got to 8th places at his first WOC last year, has moved to Finnish club Rajamäen Rykmentti, home of Toumas "Turbo" Tervo, one of the best young Finns right now.

Tobias Noborn, who took the 10mila Long Night to pieces this year has left OK Orion, as of yet is unknown who he will be joining, Stora Tuna IK perhaps?

Sarah Rollins GBR >>> Bækkelagets SPK, NOR
Betty Ann Bjerkreim Nilsen NOR >>> Bækkelagets SPK, NOR
Audun Bjerkreim Nilsen >>> Bækkelagets SPK, NOR
Anders Nordberg NOR >>> Bækkelagets SPK, NOR
Jon Duncan GBR >>> Kristiansand OK, NOR
Öystein Kristiansen NOR >>> MS Parma, FIN
Scott Fraser GBR >>> Halden SK, NOR
Anna Mårsell SWE >>> Stora Tuna IK, SWE
Mhairi Mackenzie GBR >>> Stora Tuna IK, SWE
Staffan Eriksson SWE >>> Stora Tuna IK, SWE
Emil Lauri SWE>>> IFK Lidingö SOK, SWE
Mattias Merz SUI >>> Rajamäen Rykmentti, FIN
Tobias Noborn SWE >>> ???


What transfers are we going to see Domestically???

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