pwt :: final stage in yuxi


The fith and final round of the 2005 Park World Tour was contested today in Yuxi. "Today's race offered tough climbs and a forest course totally different from the four previous ones here in China"

In the Women's race Tatiana Riabkina took here fourth straight victory, it has been an incredible final round for the Russian. Riabkina won by a commanding 40 seconds over the Finn Rinna Kuuselo. This massive time gap was taken on the long leg where Kuuselo went straight over a forested hill but Riabkina ran on the fast flat tracks, taking 1 minute out of Kuuselo. With 4 victories and a 3rd place Riabkina has earned her self a lot of PWT euros. Lithuania's Ieva Sargautyte took the bronze spot 16 seconds down on Kuuselo.

Despite Riabkina's awesome final round she didn't do enough to take the 2005 PWT series from Dana Brozkova who had a points advantage from the first round in Italy, if Riabkina had competed there the title would have easily been hers. In the end Brozkova's 6th place on the last stage was enough to give her victory, but only by 4 points over Riabkina. Riina Kuuselo took the 3rd sport overall on the series.

In the Men's race it was soon to be British Brickhill-Jones who took the final stage victory, impressively by over 30 seconds from Halden club mate Mats Haldin. BJ caught up Sweden's Martin Johansson after the 5th control, and racing together they both had good results. In fact, despite being caught by BJ Johansson finished in 3rd place today. Anders Holmberg had another good race taking the 4th spot, 10 seconds in front of PWT veteran Yuri Olmeltchenko. Yuri has competed in 65 of the 70 PWT races in its 10 year history, legend.

Öystein Kvaal Österbö finished down in 6th place, but this was enough for him took take the overall 2005 PWT series, being the first Norwegian male to do so. "To win the series was my goal" stated Österbö on the PWT website. Brickhill-Jones has shown consistent form throughout the season, including a silver medal in the World Cup Sprint at Battersea Park, and took second place overall in the PWT series. Experienced Finn Mats Haldin took 3 place overall for 2005, but only by 1 point.
Stage 6 Results
1. Tatiana Riabkina RUS 16:24,8
2. Riina Kuuselo FIN 17:05,1
3. Leva Sargautyte LTU 17:21,9
4. Brigitte Grüniger SUI 16:36,2
5. Elise Egseth NOR 17:42,5
6. Dana Brozkova CZE 18:16,3
1. David Brickhill-Jones AUS 15:09,5
2. Mats Haldin FIN 15:42,0
3. Martin Johansson SWE 16:08,4
4. Anders Holmberg SWE 16:19,8
5. Yuri Olmeltchenko UKR 16:28,4
6. Öystein Kvaal Österbö NOR 16:31,3
9. Ewan McCarthy GBR 17:38,8
16. Daniel Marston GBR 20:47,9
Overall Scores will appear on the PWT website,

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