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The penultimate PWT stage for 2005 raced through the Hangzhou Botanic Garden with some of the trickiest orienteering so far.

Tatiana Riabkina took her third succesive win by just 3 seconds over Norwegian JWOC champion Elise Egseth. The pair were well ahead of the field with Sweden's Helena Jansson taking the bronze spot 13s down on Egseth. Current PWT leader Dana Brozkova was down in 6th place, giving Riabkina evern more of a chance to take the overall PWT title tomorrow.

The Men's podium saw almost and entirely new line up, with experience leading the way. Mats Haldin FIN won by 1.2s over Denmark's WOC hero Chris Terkelsen. Yuri Olmeltchenko took 3rd sport, 1/10th of a second down on the Dane. Although 1.3s seperated the podium there was a massive 27s gap down to 4th, with Sweden's other bottom year star Anders Holmberg gaining his best PWT result ever. Great Britains Ewan McCarthy rises up the leader board again into 7th place.


1. Tatiana Riabkina RUS 16:10,3
2. Elise Egseth NOW 16:13,1
3. Helena Jansson SWE 16:26,0
4. Riina Huuselo FIN 16:41,2
5. Maria Bergkvist SWE 16:45,5
6. Dana Brozkova CZE 16:49,1


1. Mats Haldin FIN 13:15,4
2. Chris Terkelsen DEN 13:16,6
3. Yuri Olmeltchenko UKR 13:16,7
4. Anders Holmberg SWE 13:43,4
5 Martin Johansson SWE 13:56,0
6. Øystein Kvaal Østerbø 14:04,2
7. Ewan McCarthy 14:07,7
16. Daniel Marston 15:06,8
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