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The 2nd of 5 PWT final races in China was held very early this morning in Suzhou. The city park has been used before by the Park World Tour, and offers a host of exciting challenges including lots of water features, ornemental gardens and evern a roller-coaster.

On her PWT debut Tatiana Riabkine became the first Russian woman to win a stage of the tour 12 seconds ahead of experienced Czech park racer and Tuesday's winner Dana Brozkova in 2nd, however she injured he knee 5 controls from the end. Young Swede Helena Jansson took the 3rd spot.

In the Men's race Øystein Kvaal Østerbø was back on top, winning the stage by 3 seconds over David Brickhill-Jones. These have shown consistant dominance in world sprint races. Martin Johansson took 3rd place a furter 5 seconds down. As well as winning the first stage Martin is also Swedish Sprint Champion. A host of experienced orienteers were unable to match the pace of the new young park racing hero, Yuri Olmeltchencki (Park Racing God) was way back in 7th place). Britain's Ewan McCarthy broke into the top 10.


1. Tatiana Riabkina RUS 16:01,7
2. Dana Brozkova CZE 16:13,9
3. Helena Jansson SWE 16:22,8
4. Brigitte Grüniger SUI 16:23,5
5. Michela Guizzardi ITA 16:29,5
6. Elin Skantze SWE 16:31,7


1. Øystein Kvaal Østerbø NOR 12:51,0
2. David Brickhill-Jones AUS 12:54,0
3. Martin Johansson SWE 12:59,1
4. Mats Haldin FIN 13:03,9
5. Chris Terkelsen DEN 13:18,2
6. Tomas Dlabaja CZE 13:18,7

10. Ewan McCarthy GBR 13:41,7
16. Daniel Marston GBR 15:02,3

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