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The Quiz for 10 FREE One-Year Subscriptions of the independent international magazine Orienteering Today will begin in two weeks on 15th November.

The rules
In 30 days Orienteering Today will ask on the website fifteen orienteering related questions and person with most correct answers will win.

However, just as in orienteering, it is not sufficient to go through the right controls to become a winner, as you also have to be the fastest, even in the OT Quiz the time will matter.
The fastest person to correctly reply to each of the questions will be awarded 20 points, the second fastest will be awarded 15 points, third fastest 10 points, 4th 8pts, 5th 5pts, 6th 4pts, 7th 3pts, 8th 2pts and 10th 1pts.

The questions will appear on the OT website at Orienteering Today as ordinary articles with titles as follows: “OT Quiz – Question X”, where X will represent relevant number for each of the questions. There will be no fixed time when the questions will appear at the website. The only fixed timing is the period between 15th November to 15th December. However, in those 30 days the questions may pop up on the website at any time, any day; there even may appear two or more questions in one day.

How to answer?
Answering to the questions is very easy. You will just send your replies via email to the address:
Subject of the email shall always be identical with the title of the article: “OT Quiz – Question X”, where X will represent relevant number for each of the questions. You shall paste your replies in the body of the email.

Standings of the OT Quiz
Current standing of the OT Quiz will appear on the website of Orienteering Today by the end of each week. The winners will be announced on 16th December. First ten people in the final overall standing (i.e. Top 10 scorers) will be awarded with FREE One-Year Subscription of Orienteering Today.

Good Luck!



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