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The Blodslitet, translated as The Blood Race, is an annual ultra-long orienteering race held by Fredrikstad Ski Klubb in South East Norway. The event attracts quite an international field and is often seen as the last big individual race on the Scandinavian callender. This is a serious tough competition, and athletes need to be in peak condition just to get round. The race is uses a gaffeld loop system, with the last loop being common to everyone.

Young Swede, and previous winner of the H17-20 class, Emil Lauri took victory in the H21 class, winning in a ultra-long 2:33:02 and taking home a cool 6000 NKr (about £520!). Multiple sprint medalist Øystein Kvaal Østerbø showed that he isn't all about 15 minute sprints. Anders Norderg, Nordic Long and Middle Champion took 3rd place, just 3s down on Øystein.

In the Women's open Anne Margrethe Hausken won by just 8s over Marianne Andersen, the 1st prize again was a cool 6000 Nkr. The two were a clear 6 minutes ahead of the chasing pack, lead by Yvonne Gunell in 3rd place.

In the Boy's Class (H17-20) Tue Lassen of OK Pan won in 1:53:08, fourteen seconds infront of JWOC Long Champion Olav Lundanes. 2 seconds down in 3rd place was Magne Dæhli with Britains Scott Fraser in 4th place, just 20s down on 1st. This is a great result from Scott, right up amongst the best Norwegians on there home terrain. Scott has recently moved to Halden to train for a year, he is very postive and excited about the move.

In the Girl's Class (D17-20) Betty-Ann Bjerkreim-Nilsen won, again, by a massive 8 minutes. Mali Fjogstad Nielsen took 2nd place with Anne Johanne Lin in 3rd

1. Emil Lauri 2:33:02
2. Øystein Kvaal Østerbø 2:33:47
3. Anders Nordberg 2:33:50
4. Anton Bjartnes 2:33:58
5. Erik Axelsson 2:34:05
6. Vesa Taanila 2:34:08
17. Daniel Marston 2:43:33
28. Matt 'Mean Machine' Speake 2:52:08

1. Anne Margrethe Hausken 1:47:11
2. Marianne Andersen 1:47:19
3. Yvonne Gunell 1:53:14
4. Ragnhil Bente Andersen 1:53:18
5. Lene Moe 1:53:21
6. Malin Sand 1:53:34

1. Tue Lassen 1:53:08
2. Olav Lundanes 1:53:22
3. Magne Dæhli 1:53:24
4. Scott Fraser 1:53:28
5. Erik Rost 1:53:33
6. Julian Dent 1:53:36
DSQ Dan Halliday

1. Betty-Ann Bjerkreim-Nilsen 1:21:49
2. Mali Fjogstad Nielsen 1:30:02
3. Anne Johanne Lind 1:30:26
4. Emma Johansson 1:30:37
5. Siri Ulvestad 1:30:39
6. Mari Fasting 1:37:27

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