iof :: JWOC & WMOC

The IOF has appointed Sweden as the organiser of the 2008 Junior World Championships. JWOC will be held in Gothenburg on the South West coast, host of the 2004 O-ringen.

Portugal has been anounced as the organiser of the 2008 World Masters Championships, the event will be hosted in the Marinha Grande region.

The International stage looks like this for the nest few years:

WOC - Denmark Aarhus
JWOC - Lithuania Druskininkai
WMOC - Austria Wiener Neustadt

WOC - Ukraine Kyiv
JWOC - Australia Dubbo NSW
WMOC - Finland Kuusamo

WOC - Czech Republic
JWOC - Sweden Gothenburg
WMOC - Portugal Marinha Grande

WOC - Hungary

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