woc :: long - niggli & khramov

Simone Niggli is another step closer to bagging herself a full set of gold medals after comfortably winning the World Championship long race by 2 minutes. Heli Jukkola from Finland took the silver medal with a very clean run, simply unable to match the speed of Niggli. Vroni Knig Salmi finished with the bronze medal a further 2 minutes down on Jukkola, it has been a very succesful return from retirement for her.

A special mention for Hanny Allston, the 19 year old Australian had a strong performance finishing in 6th place, and she still has 1 more JWOC left!

Heather Monro lost some time on the early part of the course, but a strong second half saw her pull up into 16th place. Sarah Rollins was just 2 minutes behind Heather in 18th place, a good result in her first WOC long race.

The young Russian Andrey Khramov took the gold medal with his alimghty fitness. Few were able to match his speed. After a secure start Khramov was rarely more than a few seconds behind on any split. After 9 controls he caught his 2 minute man, Marc Lauenstein from Switzerland and they spent 70 minutes until the finish line together, giving Lauenstein the silver medal. However do not think Lauenstein simply followed, they both played an active roll with the leading changing continuously. Norway's Holger Hott Johansen took the bronze medal, nearly 5 minutes behind Khramov.

Jon Duncan finished in 20th place, gaining places all the way after a poor first contol. Oli Johson was 30 seconds and one place down on his team mate, this year Oli has achieved his best WOC results so far. Jamie Stevenson was having a great run, in 3rd place half way round the course, but unfortunately he injured his knee at the 17th control and was unable to keep the pace up.

1. SUI Simone Niggli 1:13:23
2. FIN Heli Jukola 1:15:35
3. SUI Vroni Knig Salmi 1:17:49

16. GBR Heather Monro 1:29:59
18. GBR Sarah Rollins 1:31:50

1. RUS Andrey Khramov 1:37:22
2. SUI Marc Lauenstein 1:39:30
3. NOR Holger Hott Johnasen 1:42:09

20. GBR Jon Duncan 1:50:30
21. GBR Oli Johnson 1:51:12
27. GBR Jamie Stevenson 1:55:44

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