woc :: middle qualifiers

You can only lose a race in the qualifiers, so it's safe steady running to get through. GBR will have four runners in this weeks final after Mhairi, Helen W, Oli and Ewan all cruised into the top 15 of their heats. Graham Gristwood mispunched, so his WOC is over on the first day, and Helen Bridle did not start, as soon as we find out what the problem is we will let you know.

PWT winner and winner of the Battersea Park World Cup Anne Margrethe Hausken failed to qualify, another suprise was Ukraine's Yuri Olmeltchenko failure to qualify. All the other big names cruised through to the finals.

It was always going to be interesting to see how the Japanese - the traditional also rans of international orienteering - fared on their home terrain. The answer? As well as the brits, with 4 into the finals.

1 Martina Fritschy 0:28:16 Switzerland
2 Riina Kuuselo 0:30:19 Finland
3 Sandy Hott Johansen 0:30:53 Canada

Women B
1 Simone Niggli 0:25:45 Switzerland
2 Jenny Johansson 0:28:04 Sweden
3 Inga Dambe 0:29:07 Latvia

8 Helen Winskill 0:31:46 Great Britain

Women C
1 Minna Kauppi 0:27:22 Finland
2 Lea Mller 0:28:52 Switzerland
3 Iliana Shandurkova 0:29:22 Bulgaria

14 Mhairi Mackenzie 0:34:51 Great Britain

Men A
1 Anders Nordberg 0:28:07 Norway
2 Chris Terkelsen 0:28:11 Denmark
3 Kalle Dalin 0:29:11 Sweden

12 Ewan McCarthy 0:31:58 Great Britain

Men B
1 Thierry Gueorgiou 0:26:28 France
2 Jarkko Huovila 0:27:52 Finland
3 Daniel Hubmann 0:27:58 Switzerland

13 Oliver Johnson 0:32:25

Men C
1 Damien Renard 0:28:52 France
2 Gernot Kerschbaumer 0:29:47 Austria
3 Jrgen Rostrup 0:29:57 Norway

DSQ Graham Gristwood


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