wmoc :: qualification one

Jason Inman flying in canada

Tuesday saw the 1st qualifying race at the World Masters Championships in Edmonton, Canada. The model event suggested thick and marshy terrain, with quite a lot of tricky vague small hills, and so it proved to be. The various shades of green meant picking up the small vague features and staying on a bearing were extremely challenging. Those that did well minimised headless chicken style runnning about in the thick and took the race steadily. Top perfomers of the day were Alice Bedwell 5th in W45, Jason Inman 6th in M35, Colm O Halloran 6th in M40 and Tim Tett 12th in M45. Thursday sees the second qualifying race. Once the two qualifying race times are combined, the top half of competitors in each class make the A final on Saturday.

Janine Hensman

Results can be found here: WMOC Day 1 Results.

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