wmoc :: qualification two

Thursday saw the second and final qualification race for this year’s World Master’s competition. Jason Inman carried on his good form to finish seventh overall on the qualification to qualify for the A final. There were no surprises that Janne Salmi won the M35 qualifiers despite some errors in the first race. Steve Watkins finished 24th with Brad Conner (32nd) and Chris Poole (33rd) fighting it out together.

On one of the most competitive classes, M40, bristling with former Internationals and former World Champion Jø Måensson Tim Tett qualified in tenth position two places below Jogge. Mark Saunders also qualified well in 15th place.

Eddie Harwood is faring well in Canada qualifying in second place from his M50 heat with Vincent Joyce in ninth place. Alan Rosen in the second M50 heat finished well in fifth place.

In M60 Mike Pearson qualified for the A final in sixth place. Arthur Boyt went one better in fifth place in M65. Richard Arman was fourth in M75.

Alice Bedwell could be a medal contender in Saturday’s final finishing in third place W45 with Diane Leakey in ninth place. Judith Powell from SWOC finished up in tenth position overall and Pen Harwood finished fifth in W75.

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