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Sarah Rollins

As the countdown to Japan continues many of the world's best orienteers are competing in a number of multi days in relevant terrain.

A number of medal prospects in August descended on Tenero in Switzerland to compete in the Swiss Five Day which was attached as spectator races to this years JWOC.

In the women's elite race a number of orienteers skipped days due to World Games commitments. However none of this can detract from Jenny Johannsson winning the event by 28 minutes overall from Sara Gemperle. Brigitte Wolfe was third. Jenny won all the races except those where world champion Simon Niggli Luder competed. On days two and three Simone blew apart the field winning by five minutes.

Great Britain was represented by Jenny Whitehead, who was 15th on day one and 10th on day three, and Sarah Rollins, who had an impressive start to the week coming 3rd,4th and 8th before heading to the World Games in Germnay.

In the men's elite class Mathias Niggli ran out to prove a point for his non selection for Japan winning the five days by 14 minutes overall from Christoph Plattner. Ivar Haugan finished third. However the impressive results came from Baptiste Rollier who won the final two days.
Great Britain was reprsented by Oli Johnson who also showed good form going into the world champs finishing 2nd on day two and fifth on both day three and four.

Due to the nature of the races being attached to this years JWOC a number of families had made the journey to support their children.

In the Junior classes kirsty Coombs was twelve on D14, matt halliday was 19th on H14 and Calum Coombs was 39th on H16.

On the women's long course Eleanor West was 23rd and fellow class of'83 club member Becky Carlyle was a highly respected 3rd and 4th on the first two days before a trip to the oringen stopped her from completing the week.

in the senior classes Jane Halliday was 27th on D45, Neville Baker 33rd on H40 and also on H40 Dave Rollins but in some good performances before team managing at the World Games coming in at 2nd, 6th and 9th on the forst three days

On H45 there was an all scotland battle between Rodger Coombs (15th) and Gary Longhurst (36th)
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Oli Johnson

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