woc :: team gbr announced

The team which will represent Great Britain in August's Japanese World Championships has been revealed today.

In an interesting selection Matt Speake has been selected for the relay team, allowing Oli to focus on the individual races, while for the second year in a row there is a junior in the team with Mhairi Mackenzie making her WOC-debut in the middle distance.

Jon Duncan - long & relay
Graham Gristwood - middle
Oli Johnson - middle & long
Ewan McCarthy - sprint & middle
Matt Speake - sprint & relay
Jamie Stevenson - Sprint, long & relay

Helen Bridle - sprint & middle
Mhairi Mackenzie - middle
Heather Monro - sprint, long & relay
Sarah Rollins - sprint, long & relay
Helen Winskill - middle, long & relay

good luck to them all.

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