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The final race of the selection weekend saw competitors once again battling it out through dense green forest over tricky spur-gully terrain.

The mens race was tight, with three seconds separating Jamie and Oli. However Jamie actually caught Oli three minutes but then threw it away and only narrowly held on.

Heather had a more comfortable margin in the womens class, cruising round the tricky 3.9km course in 32 minutes.

1. Jamie Stevenson 36.27
2. Oli Johnson 36.30
3. Graham Gristwood 37.06
4. Ewan McCarthy 37.40
5. Ed Nash 38.02
6. Andy Kitchen 38.04
7. Stephen Palmer 39.57
8. Scott Fraser 39.58
9. Jez Edwards 40.01
10. Jon Duncan 40.24

1. Heather Monro 32.17
2. Helen Winskill 33.16
3. Mhairi Mackenzie 36.05
4. Jenny Whitehead 36.44
5. Helen Bridle 40.08
6. Helen Palmer 41.30
7. Hannah Wooton 41.32
8. Rachael Elder 42.38
9. Sarah Rollins 45.00
10. Claire Ward 54.22

Assuming the selectors manage to choose the team in this evening's meeting it will be published on the BOF website at 10am tomorrow, and on nopesport at 10.01.

The athletes will now spend the evening relaxing in a Vilnius hostelry before travelling home tomorrow.

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