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In the first race of this weekends Vilnius triple header which will decide the team for Augusts world championships in Japan, Matt Speake and Heather Monro won.

The tough course tested both route choice and intricate contour interpretation and despite the late start the conditions were still hot, as they will be in Japan.


1. Matt Speake 16.14
2. Ewan McCarthy 16.32
3. Matt Crane 16.50
4. Jamie Stevenson 17.07
5. Jon Duncon 17.20
6. Allan Bogle 18.14
7. Oli Johnson 18.22
8. Scott Fraser 19.06
9. Neil Northrop 19.07
10. Graham Gristwood 19.08

1. Heather Monro 16.02
2. Helen Bridle 16.57
3. Claire Ward 17.20
4. Helen Winskill 18.13
5. Sarah Rollins 18.44
6. Jo Stevenson 19.10
7. Rachael Elder 19.15
8. Pippa Whitehouse 19.35
9. Mhairi Mackenzie 19.39
10. Helen Palmer 22.56

* Jenny Whitehead sportingly disqualified herself when she discovered she had missed a control out.

The races continue with the long distance tomorrow.

Dan Marston has pulled out through the injury which kept him away from the nordics, and Alison O'Neil has too much on, so is focusing on JWOC this year.

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