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The sprint distance competition of thee Nordic Orienteering Championships was held this afternoon in the small costal village of Brevik. The majority of the course was run in urban terrain, with a few controls in typical pine forest surrounding the sports field.

ystein Kvaal Osterbo, NOR, had another outstanding sprint race, taking the gold medal in H21, he has really established himself as one of the best sprint orienteers in the world. The Flying Finn Mrten Bostrm was just 5 seconds down taking the silver medal. Bostrm took 8 seconds out of the Norwegian in the last 3 minutes of the race, but it wasnt enough in the end. Young Martin Johansson from Sweden took thee bronze medal, hes one to watch out for in the future.

In the Womens race sprint specialist and ex PWT champion Anne Margrethe Hausken of Norway took the gold medal by just 6 seconds over Simone Niggli-Lder, the Swiss superstar. Lena Eliasson, SWE took the bronze medal, 50 seconds off thee pace. Emma Engstrand would have taken thee bronze in 14:02.8, however she was disqualified.

It was H18 who won himself the gold medal in the H20 sprint championships. Patrik Karlsson of Sweden finished 11s ahead of silver medalist Olav Lundanes from Norway. Erik Rost of Sweden, classic champion and triple gold medalist from the Junior World Ski-O Championships, took the bronze medal. A big shout out goes to Erik Monster Thorsson, taking 6th place.

In D20 it was the undisputed top Swedish junior, Helena Jansson, who won the gold, back on top in here favourite postion. The silver and bronze medals were separated by just 1/10 of a second. Norwegian Elise Egseth took silver 8 seconds down on Jansson with fellow Noggy and classic champion Betty Ann Bjerkreim Nilsen taking home the bronze medal.

H21, 2.93km
1 ystein Kvaal Osterbo, NOR, 13:53.1
2 Mrten Bostrm, FIN, 13:58.6
3 Martin Johansson, SWE, 14:12.2
4 Petteri Muukkonen, FIN, 14:19.9
5 Tero Fhr, FIN, 14:21.9
6 Chris Terkelsen, DEN, 14:32.9

38 Jon Duncan, GBR, 17:14.0

41 Neil Dobbs, IRL, 19:26.8
42 Colmm O'Halloran, IRL, 19:53.4
43 Darren Burke, IRL, 20:17.0

D21, 2.48km
1 Anne Margrethe Hausken, NOR, 13:35.6
2 Simone Niggli-Lder, SUI, 13:41.9
3 Lena Eliasson, SWE, 14:28.8
4 Minna Kauppi, FIN, 14:29.8
5 Jenny Johansson, SWE, 14:35.3
6 Elin Dahlstedt, SWE, 14:37.8

29 Toni O'Donovan, IRL, 17:14.4
35 Ailbhe Creedon, IRL, 20:03.4

H20, 2.62km
1 Patrik Karlsson, SWE, 13:18.3
2 Olav Lundanes, NOR, 13:29.7
3 Erik Rost, SWE, 13:37.8
4 Hannu Airila, FIN, 13:44.3
5 Anders Einum, NOR, 14:07.3
6 Erik Thorsson, SWE, 14:15.4

28 Scott Fraser, GBR, 17:05.2

D20, 2.37km
1 Helena Jansson, SWE, 13:39.1
2 Elise Egseth, NOR, 13:47.7
3 Betty Ann Bjerkreim Nilsen, NOR, 13:47.8
4 Guro Flatekval, NOR, 14:02.4
5 Heini Wennman, FIN, 14:04.6
6 Aino Leskinen, FIN, 14:29.6

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