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Yet another exciting conclusion to tiomila this year with the top two seperated by just two seconds.
There had been a pack for most of the race but Jarkko Huovila & Jon-Are Myhren put distance between them and the pack on leg 8 with superb runs. This gap was extended to 6mins by Mats Haldin & Niclas Jonasson leaving too much for last years winners Kalevan Rasti & Thierry Gueorgiou to do.
It came right down to the most unexpected of mistakes from Halden's Tore Sandvik. Niclass Jonasson sent out Petr Losman for Sdertlje-Nykvarn just 1 second ahead of Halden Skiklubb, with Mats Haldin handing over to the experienced Tore Sandvik. Losman had 1 instruction, follow Sandvik (last leg was non-forked for some reason this year). Desite not having great times the two runners came back together with a comfortable 4 minute lead, with Sandvik just a few metres ahead of Losman for the entire 16km. As they rounded the last corner into the final 150m straight with the run-in splitting off into lanes for each leg Sandvik started running into lane 1/5, Losman capitolised this chance, and sprinted down the correct lane taking victor for Sdertlje-Nykvarn, whilst a gutted Sandvik was metres behind having had to cross 5 lanes of waist high tape.
This is unfortunate for Halden, as Sandvik had been holding off Losman for the first half of the run-in. But it just goes to show that 100% preparation is essential.
Kalevan Rasti finished 3rd. Well done.

Full results can be found here

Uk mens runners round up:

Leg 1
10. Matthew Speake OK Tisaren 1
25. Mark Nixon Stora Tuna IK 3
51. Ewan McCarthy Halden Skiklubb 3
246. Dickie Jones Halden Skiklubb 4

Leg 2
15. Stephen Palmer Malungs OK

Leg 3
90. Marcus Pinker Nykpings OK 1
150. Jason Inman Nykpings OK 2

Leg 4
13. Stefan Andersson FK Friskus-Varberg 1 (british import!)

Leg 5
34. Allan Bogle Halden Skiklubb 2
51. Andrew Quin IFK Liding SOK 2
125. Scott Fraser Svedalens AIK 1
282. Kyle Heron OK Tyr 2
286. Ian Cumpstey OK Ravinen 3

Leg 6

Leg 7
65. Duncan Coombs OK Tyr 1
73. Chris Sellens Nykpings OK 1

Leg 8
157. Donald McCarthy Tolered/Landehof/Stern

Leg 10
91. James Tullie OK Tyr 1

Womens runners round up:

Leg 1
5. Jo Stevenson Sdertlje-Nykvarn 1
67. Jenny Whitehead Vsters SOK 1
118. Toni O`Donovan Nykpings OK 1

Leg 2
53. Helen Palmer OK Ravinen 2

Leg 3
65. Cerys Manning OK Hllen 1

Leg 4

Leg 5
4. Emma Dahlstedt IFK Liding SOK 1 (british import?)
11. Heather Monro Halden Skiklubb 1
28. Helen Winskill Vsters SOK 1
47. Helen Bridle GMOK
120. Janine Hensman Nykpings OK 1
145. Rachel Elder IFk Hedemora OK

NB: if any are missed any out - sorry!


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