Craig a Barns (Limited Edition) jigsaw puzzle


Craig a Barns 500 piece jigsaw

Coming to the JK near you a limited edition Craig a Barns 500 piece (or a mini 48 piece kids version) jigsaw puzzle. Designed by Scottish Elite Development Squad the image consists of the current map for JK Day 3 as well as 3 insets of the developing map from 1968, 1975 and 1986. The jigsaw puzzle is not only packed with hours of constructive fun but once assembled you could not laminate it, hang it on the wall and impress your friends.

Think you know the Craig a Barns (JK Day 3) map well enough? Ever wanted an edge over your JK rivals? Well now you can. By, perfectly legally, constructing the full map piece by piece you will no doubt get to know this iconic picture of Scottish Orienteering as well as its' many mappers.

Made with 92 % re-cycled board and water based pigment ink this truly is the perfect present for any tight loving, map hugging, kite chasing enthusiast.

Get your hands on one, or two, at the JK for only £11, £6 for the mini 48 piece. Limited numbers available. Will sell fast so get in early and see if you can finish your masterpiece before Day 3, SEDs would not want you to leave the JK disappointed.

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