event:: Tiomila Continues

Karolina A Hojsgaard anchored Domnarvets OK to Tvaamila victory this afternoon, while last years champions Ulricehamn with Simone Niggli-Luder on last leg had to settle for second.

Half way round last leg Simone had closed the gap to her Swedish rival to nearly 30 seconds however a 'bomm' where she missed a control in the green. GPS tracking and live internet broadcasting allowed everyone to watch as it looked like she might get caught by Leksands.

Domnarvets only finished 14th last year but some high standard signings this year have made them leading contenders in Womens relays, as today showed.

Elin Dahlen ran a solid first leg and handed over to Zuzana Macuchova in 27th. Zuzana, a Czech international pulled the team up to 1st place, which they held to the end with Eva Jurenikova and Dana Brozkova passing the batton onto the bubbly blonde Swedish talent of Karo A Hojsgaard.

The young finnish super talent Minna Kauppi ran the fastest last leg of the day, pulling her team up to 7th. Heather Monro didn't have the speed in the sprint finish and brought Halden back in 11th. OK Ravinen, with Helen Palmer on 3rd leg, finished in 23rd place.

The mens race starts at 7pm BST, with live video streaming through to the races conclusion at 6o'clock tomorrow morning!

Provisional Results

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