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The epic relay that is tiomila weekend has kicked off this weekend already. The main event of the weekend is the mens relay which starts at 20.00 this evening running through the night with the winner predicted to finish around 6.45am!

Before this mammoth race is a veteren & youth relay which has already seen there conclusion. The vets won by Gvle OK almost 3mins clear of the pack, headed by Boxholm-Mjlby OL 1. The youth relay title has been taken by Halmstad/Lftan, Rehns BK 1 in 2nd & Hagaby GoIF 1 in 3rd.

Next race up is the womens/Darmer race 'Damkevlen' which kicks off at 2pm. Ulricehamns OK 1 must go in to this favourites with a team including Simone Niggli-Luder, Jenny Johansson & Martina Fritschy. There is some british interest here with Heather Munro running last leg for Halden & Jo Stevenson 1st leg for Sdertlje-Nykvarn Orientering 1 to name but a few. The winner for this is expected at around 5.25pm

Then its the mens turn. A grueling ten leg all night affair. All the big names in attendance and it is sure to be an awsome spectacle.

Follow this amazing race from the tiomila website including live video streaming, commentary and live results. This is one of the best covered events on the net so get involved!

From all here at nopesport Good luck to all involved!

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