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Last year's WOC queen, two golds and one silver, Karolina A Höaard,
will not run 2005's World Cup in Guilford, outside London, 29 April -
3 May.
"Karro" has abandoned the World Cup in order to concentrate on the
season's high point, the World Championships in Aichi, Japan, 7 - 14
August. Even Emil Wingstedt ranked No. 1 in the Men's team has chosen
to miss the World Cup.
Men's Captain Gö Andersson has selected Pan Kristianstad's Johan
Modig in Wingstedt's place. Marita Skogum, women's national team
captain is also missing Anna Måell, Linkög, who is injured. This
allows two debutant's into the women's team, Annika Billstam, OK Linne
and Hanna Palm from Hakarspojkarnas who makes her debut at 34 years

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