In Britain we have the UKCup to provide top class elite competition. in Sweden they have the Elitserien, a tough series of racesthrough the spring, with big cash prizes and a lot of prestige in doing well.

In the run up to last years World Championships in Sweden the series was a truly international affair, with several British runnners taking part.

This years series got underway with two events held by Hassleholms OK this weekend.

Saturdays middle distance race saw victory for Simone Niggli-Luder, and a tie between Johan Modig and Mats Troeng. The Russian Valentin Novikov, last years O-Ringen winner, took third place in the mens race while Emma Engstrand and new name Annika Billstam filled up the podium.

The next day saw a classic race with the same high quality field. Tobias Noborn took victory by 5 seconds from Johan Nasman. Simone Niggli-Luder had to settle for second behind her clubmate Jenny Johanson.

Day 1 Results on Winsplits
Day 2 Results on Winsplits

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