Ultimate OOcup test


Pathless karst terrain at the OOcup

A great idea here from the OOcup, one of Europe's most enjoyable, well organised yet low key, and super technical multiday orienteering events.

They have decided to introduce some new Ultimate classes, which will involve running on a map with no paths. So lots of contours, thousands of rocks and cliffs of all sizes and shapes, but no paths to help your relocation in the tough karst terrain. Here's what they say about it:

U stands for Ultimate. Ultimate challenge for ultimate fun!

Basically, runners in the Ultimate classes (M/W 21 & 35 U) will run on a map without paths and tracks.
Why? Simply, to make the already crazy game even more exciting and challenging. Afterall, orienteering is just a game. We want to offer something new to those of you who enjoy contour reading and really difficult orienteering (regular courses will already be difficult). Many terrains in Slovenia have perfectly complex contour/rock structure but their value from orienteering perspective is sometimes lowered by dense path network. We want to give you the possiblity to get as much fun from certain terrain as possible. These classes are made for those who want even more technical challenge and adventure! 
Course planning for "U" classes will be given special attention to assure fairness. There are a few aspects that need to be taken care about like for example avoiding legs paralel with paths, legs same as those on regular courses etc... 
We are aware that our idea to introduce a "training form" as a real class in international multiday event might sound quite radical. To make it more attractive for the sceptics we decided to...:
  1. ...give free entry to the first competitors in each of the U classes.
  2. ...give each runner in "U" class who completes all 5 stages a special T-shirt for free.
  3. ...offer lower entry fees. Currently the entry fee for regular courses is 65 EUR. "U" classes fee is 50EUR.
  4. ...pay back the money difference to those who already paid the fee but want to change the class.

To find out more visit the OOcup website

You can also vote for what you think of the Ultimate Classes in our forum - be it craziness, stupidity, nerdy, fun or a challenge!


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