G-COM 2011 (Gran Canaria Orienteering Meeting)


Gran Canaria is fast becoming the top winter destination the World’s elite orienteers. In the past 12 months the island has welcomed Øystein Kvaal Østerbø, Johan Nasman, Emil Lauri and current World Champion Matthias Müller.

So what draws them to Gran Canaria?

Well, of course the sun and the year round high temperatures is a big factor. However Gran Canaria also boasts some of Europe’s highest mapped pine forests, spectacular scenery and a rapidly growing orienteering scene.

3 of the major players in Canarian orienteering (O-riéntate, Limonium and Active Canaria) have teamed together to offer the Canary Islands’ first multi-day international orienteering race, G-com (Gran Canaria Orienteering Meeting).

As a member of the international orienteering community you are invited to take part in this unique orienteering competition.

Our goals for this competition:

• to organise the first multi-day orienteering race in the Canary Islands
• to organise the first orienteering race using electronic punching in the Canary Islands
• to introduce ourselves to the international orienteering community by attracting orienteers from as many different countries as possible
• to create a simple and friendly holiday competition that will still provide exciting and competitive orienteering racing
• and finally to create a race that people will want to return to, year after year


Some of the World's best orienteers have already entered including:

Jonas Leandersson (2nd JWOC Middle 2010, 3rd JWOC Sprint 2010)

Olle Boström (3rd JWOC Middle 2010, 2nd JWOC Relay 2010, 6th JWOC Long 2010, 1st JWOC Relay 2009, 1st JWOC Relay 2008)

Albin Ridefelt (5th JWOC Middle 2010, 1st JWOC Relay 200

Oleksandr Kratov (5th WOC Middle)

And we hope current World Champion Matthias Muller will be there on the last day of the race.

Accommodation from 29E (full board) in log cabins at 1600m above sea-level.

Hope to see you there,

O-riéntate, Limonium and Active Canaria



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