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Italys' largest newspaper

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The largest Italian Newspaper and the main sponsor of one of the worlds biggest cycling races, the 'Giro di Italia' - La Gazzetta dello Sport will promote the PWT events in its Sportweek magazine released on Saturday 26 February. Then, after the Italian PWT week's conclusion, an 8 page-long report will follow in one of the March editions of the magazine.
Gabriele Viale, the Chief Organizer of the events, comments on the matter with the following:
- I think this is a huge opportunity for our sport to present itself to an Italian audience. The Sportweek magazine of La Gazzetta dello Sport has a circulation of 1,000,000 copies which in fact means that people from all over Italy will learn about the events. And more importantly, this is going to be an 8 page-long complex report displaying our sport in close detail.

This is going to be the second time Italy's largest newspaper will focus on orienteering on such a large scale. The first time was last years PWT round when the weekly magazine of La Gazzetta dello Sport covered 6 pages of PWT. After the success the story had, the editorial staff of the magazine decided to devote two more pages to the presentation of orienteering and promotion of this years Italian PWT events; partly due to the fact that this years Park World Tour series in Italy will include the first Mediterranean Sprint Open Championships.

It is not only the Printed Media who are taking an interest in covering the events. During the 14 days before the series starts, the PWT / MOSC 2005 will regularly be promoted by Italian TV stations.
- From the best footage we took last year we have produced a 5-minute feature-clip which is currently broadcasted 4 times a week on CANALE 8 TV, the second largest regional television channel in Southern Italy. Apart from that, we have also produced a 30-second advertisement promoting the events. This advert is featured 12 times a day on the main TV station in Southern Italy, the Telenorba, where they also feature the 5-minute feature-clip based on the footage from the last year's edition, says Viale.
Regarding the extensive promotion the events presently have in the region, the organising comittee expects some 40,000 spectators following the final race of the series in Brindinsi on 5 March. If these expectations come true, this would mean a new spactator record for an orienteering event!

The attention the races are expected to generate may be boosted further by the official press conference in Carovigno on 28 February where the main stars of the Tour will be introduced to the Italian Media. The National TV RAI will televise the conference on Channel 3.

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