'Forest Challenge' orienteering board game


Forest Challenge orienteering board game

Just in time for Christmas, Alan Brown of North Gloucestershire Orienteering Club has produced the 'Forest Challenge!' board game to raise funds for the Pakistan Floods Appeal.

Here's what they have to say about it:

Designed specifically for orienteers, each player takes it in turn to throw the dice and move his token between controls, choosing their own route as in real orienteering. Do you go the long way round on the path where you can travel more quickly or do you take the direct route and fight your way through the dark green? On reaching a control a player takes a Control card and follows its instructions - you might find yourself doing well and taking an extra turn or a lack of concentration might mean you end up in a nearby depression. During the game players can use their Advantage cards in conjunction with their dice throw to help them get ahead of, or catch up, other players. The winner is the first player to reach the finish line. 

 The use of moveable control stickers means that you can run a different course every game; the four map sections can be laid out in a large number of combinations, providing further variety. Also supplied with the game are four map sheets printed only with the grid so that you can make up a map of your favourite terrain as either a stand-alone area or to join onto the ready-printed map sections. "Forest Challenge" makes an ideal Christmas present for the keen orienteer.

  • The game includes everything you need to "step over the line" - laminated map, kites, punch cards, "Control" cards, "Advantage" cards, instructions, dice, tokens;
  • Design a different course each time you play by using the moveable control stickers;
  • The map sections can be fitted together in different combinations for more variety;
  • Create score or linear orienteering courses; 
  • Add even more variety by drawing your favourite terrain on the blank map grids supplied.

Copies of the game can be bought for £7.50 at an NGOC event or £9.00 by post  (please make cheques payable to NGOC) from:

Alan Brown,
10 Brizen Lane,
GL53 0NG.

At least half the purchase price will be donated to help flood victims in Pakistan. For further information email Alan: legend@ngoc.org.uk


This isn't the first orienteering board game in existence, with a number of others having been created in the past. In Scandinavia there is a 1980's game Suunnistuspeli and the amazing looking Skogskarlarnas orienteringspel, but being from the 1950s it might be even harder to track down... 

Skogskarlarnas orienteringspel, from boardgamegeek.com

Skogskarlarnas orienteringspel, from boardgamegeek.com


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