WOC 2010 - Sprint Final


Simone Victorious

WOC2010 - Sprint Final

Matthias Mueller SUI won ahead of Fabian Hertner SUI in an exciting climax through the Trondheim old town.  Frédéric Tranchand FRA took the third spot 0.8 seconds ahead of Øystein Kvaal Østerbo NOR.

Simone Niggli SUI delivered the goods to win by 0.7 of a second from Helena Jansson SWE. Marianne Anderson NOR (our favourite for the long) took third.

British results

Pippa Archer 14th
Sarah Rollins 17th
Helen Bridle 20th

GG - 14th
Rocky - 18th
Scotia - DSQ

Scott had a superb run finishing in 9th place 15 seconds down. Unfortunately he ran past a control on gamlebybrua and was dsq'd. So close to a top ten! We look forward to following him in the Long.

I was guarding a control for 5 hours today and got to witness the fitness of not only Minna Kauppi (pictured below) but also the porno kit being sported by the Finnish men. (couldnt force myself to take a photo).

I was impressed by the level of orienteering not only from the Scandis but also from the Chinese (Shuangyan Hao) and the Italian stallion (Marco Seppi).

Expect more deep insights in the week to come. After a very impressive woc debut, Rocky has been ejected from his accommodation (now living in a school) so hopefully he will contribute to the coverage. As always if you would like to write something, please submit an article!


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